Laser firm still at the cutting edge


A Cannock laser cutting firm is celebrating its 25th year in business by looking for fresh opportunities in the infrastructure sector - particularly in the rail industry.

Laser Process was launched in the year Saddam Hussein invaded Kuwait, the US and UK invaded Iraq, Nelson Mandela was released from prison and the UK was witnessing poll tax riots.

Managing director Dave Lindsey said: “Ever since day one we have been a leading company in the industry and have grown to be one of the biggest.

“In 1995 we were a founding member of the Association of Industrial Laser Users (AILU) and in 1999 we became accredited to BS 9001 for quality management.”

Based on the Upper Keys Business Park, the company has continued to invest in the latest equipment, he said.

“Compared to the machines available when we started, those of today are bigger, more powerful and faster and the cut quality is better.

“Over the years we have added processes to compliment laser cutting. Many years ago we introduced pressbrakes in order that we could supply our customers with plates that were bent after cutting, saving them from having to find a second supplier to complete their requirements. Since that time we have introduced a vertical machining centre to offer drilling and milling operations. We now also offer welding and assembly services.”

Looking ahead, Mr Lindsey said: “We will continue to place ourselves in a position to take advantage of any opportunities that may occur.

“We seem to be in a situation where there is a significant improvement in manufacturing since the crash of 2008. and there is a promise of substantial investment in infrastructure, particularly in rail and we are there to take advantage of it.”